AYAB shield - self soldered circuit board for a computer-controlled knitting machine

[Werbung ohne Auftrag / unpaid advertisement] 

Proudly presenting my first soldering job:
A printed circuit board for hacking a brother KH 910 knitting machine. The self-soldering kit of the so-called AYAB Arduino shield from the All Yarns Are Beautiful project of the Chaos Computer Club Munich enables control from a personal computer via USB. The AYAB shield sits on top of an Arduino Uno-compatible development board featuring an ATmega328PU microcontroller by Microchip Technology Inc. (formerly Atmel). The AYAB software for controlling knitting machines can be downloaded from the project's homepage.
I tested all connections with a multimeter and compared the result with the circuit diagram. And -believe it or not- it works! Stay tuned for updates on how it works in practice. Here is a photography of my little baby:

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