Customizing the color schemes for your computer. Color themes for your system and applications

In a rather recent development, more and more software can be set to different color schemes. Usually, CSS is used for defining different designs (themes). Here is a list:

  • Microsoft Windows 10: built in 
  • Microsoft Windows Powershell 5.1 (powershell.exe): Right mouse button context menu > "Preferences" > "Colors" > "Screen background"
  • Microsoft Windows PowerShell ISE (Powershell_ISE.exe): "Tools" > "Options"
  • Microsoft Office: built in
  • Firefox: built in: Preferences > "Addons" > "Themes" + "Preferences", section "Fonts and Colors" > "Colors..." > "background" + ShadowFox + Add-on "DarkReader" 
  • Bio7: built-in: "Window" > "Switch Theme"

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