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Gimp 2.10.0 released. The open-source competitor of Adobe Photoshop

Finally, the GNU Image Manipulating Program (GIMP) 2.10.0 has been released. The open source software GIMP can now be considered for productive work and makes professional image manipulation available for everyone. It supports high bit depth (up to 32 bit precision) and color management. Most importantly, GIMP now gives access to radiometrically correct adjustment of contrast / levels / curves, color mixing and blending (these operations have to be performed in a linear working space, i.e. in a color working space which has a tone reproduction curve with a gamma of 1.0 at all densities). GIMP is cross-platform software which means it is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple iOS. In my oppinion, this achievement is worth a donation to the developers by every user of GIMP. GIMP can now be regarded as a serious competitor for Adobe Photoshop.

Zyn-Fusion open-source synthesizer

Great news: The source-code for the synthesizer Zyn-Fusion was published. Now it can be built from source as explained on my blog on the page "music". Zyn-Fusion is the latest version of the powerful synthesizer ZynAddSubFX with the modernized graphical user interface "Fusion". It works as a stand-alone as well as a VST-plug-in.